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Works OF 2021

Ripley the Raptor - Reference Sheet

A&W Bear Family picnic

Full illustration of a bear family having a picnic

Starhawk Twitch Suite

Twitch Suite - Game Overlay, Start Screen, Avatar, 6 Panels

MrMase Commission #1

Ready to Attack Husky - Half Body Illustration

Soda Pup: Corgi Edition

Cameron The Corgi in the Soda Pup Style

MrMase Commission #2

Starhawk Emotes

Twitch Emotes Package for Starhawk 

FrozenQueenAnna Emotes

Twitch Emote Package for FrozenQueenAnna

OwO Corgi Emote

a 112x112 emote with the OwO expression


Xograd Logo

A top hat with a monocle, a wolf's tail, a fancy cup of steaming tea, and cookies

 Twitch Suite

MrMase Commission #3

6 Twitch Emotes, Alert Images & Animation

Works of 2022

Dog Sweater

Tim the T-rex Animation

Elmo The Pig Animation

Crocheted, worsted yarn, pattern used. Paid via Barter

Going on a Bear Hunt - Digital Illustration

Based on a book cover, the illustration is of a man's family on a beach with a bear following them.

Going on a Bear Hunt - Traditional Painting

Acrylic on canvas, painting of a family of 3, with their dog & cat, being followed by a bear on a beach.

Ripley Eats a Lemon

Art Contest Piece. Ripley, one of the mascots of Unoraptormon's Twitch channel, eats a lemon.

June Bug Art Challenge 2022

Featured is Day 1: June Bug. Conept is a Paladin based on a June Bug.

Cape Neddik

Acrylic on 9"x12" canvas panel. Has been sold.

Purple Coast

Acrylic on circular canvas. Colors restricted to red, blue, purple, and white. Piece has been sold.

Sketch-Tember Art Challenge 2022

Fakemon Contest - Reaplisk

A ghost/steel type evolution for a regional Ekans.

Works of 2023

MrMase Commission #4

A penguin wielding a tuna in an artic setting.

MrMase Commission #5

2 Panel Comic

Marble Soda

Animation Meme. Picture is link

Mer-May Art Challenge

Picture is link to video.

March Movement Art Challenge

Picture is link

StackUp Chairty Thank You

Picture is link to an animation thanking charity donors.

June Bug Art Challenge

Picture is link to video.

Sketchtember -2023 - X-Files.png

Sketch-tember Art Challenge

Samagust 2023 - Russel Write TT Text.png

Smaugust Art Challenge

Picture is link to video.

Tea Cat Collection

Picture is link to full collection.

Elmo The Pig Thanksgiving Animation

24 Days of Christmas 2023- Snowdrift type.png

Christmas Art Challenge

Works of 2024



Ocean Side

Color Restricted painting. Acrylic on Canvas

Painted with leftover paint. Acrylic on Canvas



Painted with leftover paint. Multiple paint types on canvas

Ghost Tree Thumbnail.png

Ghost Tree Animation

One of Tea Leaf's ghosts in a Christmas tree.

Pokemon Illustration Contest

Placeholder. Will be posted here in September 2024

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