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The Creator
 JHH Spears

Panamanian Cherokee Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Horror Author, Freelance Animator & Artist, Podcaster, and Variety Twitch Streamer, who lives in Alabama with her husband and 2 cats. 

All About Me

Welcome to this section of my website.  Man, that feels weird, but hey, you clicked on the About page.

So TLDR;  I am a sci-fi/fantasy author, freelance artist and animator, podcaster, and variety Twitch Streamer. I am a cat mom, for now, but hopefully that's gonna change soon. I have also been a McDonald's cashier, a secretary, lab tech, Chemical Engineer, babysitter, tutor, science teacher, sculptor, carpenter, and car mechanic. I do my best writing in my favorite recliner, my local coffee shop, and whenever I'm house sitting for my parents.

I am J.H.H. Spears. Many online call me 'Unoraptormon'. I wear many hats with my work, though the main ones are Author, Freelance Artist & Animator, Podcaster, and Variety Streamer. I have two degrees in Chemistry, and a minor in secondary education. I'd also have an associates in Chemical Engineering if they offered it, but all I have is work experience. With my writing, my genres rest solidly in Sci-fi and fantasy, though my works also orbit horror and grimdark, both for my novels and comics. Most of my themes revolve around revenge and how gloriously terrible it can turn out.

Most of my personal digital art is linked to my novels, as are most of my animations. I also do art and animation commissions, which often take up most of my art time. In what spare time I have, I construct wooden furniture, crocheting, gardening, knitting, sculpting, reading manga, and hanging out with my husband and cats.

I was born on a military base in Panama. According to the footage my folks recorded, I had a habit of chasing after the local iguanas. Though my claim to fame as a baby, was losing the keys to all of the locks on base. Still don't know where they are, but hey, the base got brand new locks. Then there was the local Kuna Indians of the San Blas Islands, to whom my Cherokee dad was an emissary. 

There's a story my mom likes to tell about her interactions with the chief's wife, but I'll tell it another time, maybe on stream.


Dad retired when I was two years old, and our whole family moved to the States, where we've all lived ever since. I did a lot of crazy critter drawings as I grew up; dinosaurs took center stage but there were these bizarre creatures too. The first character I created was in third grade but she seemed to vanish from my head until sixth, when I remember her name after looking at a Periodic Table in Science class. That character was Unoraptormon. It was also around that time that I had found the Redwall series by Brian Jacques and the game Jak 2 came out. Those all combined into the start of the Uno-verse, and the spark that lit my passion for writing.

A quick little back up to show you how significant Brian Jacques' Redwall series really is. In elementary school, I started out in special education, taken aside every recess, for two grades, because I had trouble reading. From there, I hated reading. Nothing you could do to get me to do it if I didn't have to for one reason or another (Usually pizza hut tickets), though thanks to it, I ended up in advanced classes. Fast forward to sixth grade, and my only elective class was forced to be Reading. (Thanks fourth grade teachers). We had to do a book report on any book we wanted. I walked around in the library and found Mossflower. I hated it. Put it away because I couldn't stand it, but the talking animals did intrigue me. That's when I traded it out for Mattimeo. It's in the same series, so maybe there would be more talking animals. I was sucked in. I wanted to learn more, wanted to read more. It was also then that I wanted to write stories, just like Brian Jacques. I had a character. I had inspiration. The first thing I wrote was a silly two page fanfic called Jena, which will never see the light of day, if I can help it.

Fast forward back to high school, I stayed in advanced courses for the most part. I even took additional science classes so I could better understand how our world worked so I could apply it to my books and to my art. I finished the first draft of the first book then wrote the first draft of the original second book. I wanted to get published, but all that was available was Vantage Press. High School then finished up and I earned my way into Auburn University. I started rewriting the first book during the first year, but the Chemical Engineering courses kinda stabbed it and tossed it into the closet. A lot happened at Auburn, some terrible and traumatizing and some good. Something that was great, was meeting my husband.

We started out as friends, sharing classes and gaming. Eventually, we asked each other out. There's another story I can tell on stream. We went through something terrible that I thought might end us, but I learned what kind of man he is. We dated for four year. Then on a beach, at sunset, he proposed to me. We married a few months later. People are still surprised that we've been married since 2015.

Thanks to him, I picked my writing back up. I also started doing YouTube Let's Plays, which made me miserable. I stayed miserable with it until I tried Twitch. While I still get frustrated, I'm happy that I made the switch. I did go back to school to get another degree in Chemistry as well as a teaching degree. I graduated in 2020. You can all guess how well that went. I've been working on my books, and several other projects, since. Currently, on top of doing animations, cartoons, and art, I'm trying to get my first book, Usek: Haven's Last Warlord, published.

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