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Tea Leaf 


Tea Leaf is a college student studying Art and wants to get into sprite work for the Video Game Industry. For now, she does doodles and animations.

Slots available depends on commission sizes when Commissions are open

Commission Status: OPEN


Commissions in-progress:


Waitlist, 1 per order:


Options and Base Prices

Note: All commissions done by Tea Leaf are in the Pixel Art style. No exceptions.



One emote, with 3 sizes (26,58,112)    $25

Character art


Single Character with simple background   $40


Note: Background will not be overdetailed.


Pixel art that features something in a bottle.


Character   $35

Environment   $45

Item $10


Sub Badges


One badge  $30


Note: Please don't ask for gradients

Character with Transparent background


One character   $30


$15 per additional character, up to 5 characters total 

Theme Ghost

Pixel ghost dressed up in a costume of your choice. 


One ghost   $25


Payment Information

Tea Leaf accepts payments through the following:

  • Paypal in USD

Do not send your Payment before your commission has been accepted.


Email Address*

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