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Terms of Service

As of August 2023


  • You must be 18 years or older to commission me.

  • I have the right to turn down any request for any reason.

  • I have the right to update this page as needed and without warning. You are responsible for making sure you are up to date on the information on this page, especially that which relates to your commission. Check the date at the top to see if anything has been changed/update since the last time you read it.

  • This is a Business Contract. Emails need to be responded to promptly, preferably within 24 hours, so I can continue working. If you think something might come up on your end and you might be unable to reply, please notify me in advance.

  • I will work with you to give you what you want, but please understand and respect my personal input, experience, style, and judgement as well.

  • I do not create NFTs. My work is NOT to be used for NFTs. If the commissioner and/or third-party use my work for NFTs, the commissioner and/or third-party must pay a minimum $1 ,000,000 fee. This is non-negotiable.

  • Half the payment upfront is required for commissions more than US$20. Full payment upfront is required for commissions under $20.

  • Commission must be paid for by the commissioner and commissioner alone. Breaking this will result in a blacklist as of May 3, 2020.

  • Abuse of the form, such as using it to attack the artist without request for art, will result in a fee above the minimum lawsuit amount in the USA. Abuse of the form to attack the artist with a request for art will result in an increase of price for the commission.

Refunds and Cancellations

  • Do not send payment before your commission has been accepted.

  • Once progress of your commission has begun, if you decide you must cancel your order, you will receive a refund for the work I have not done on your commission. This applies to commissions above the 'Sketch' level.

  • If your commission is a 'sketch' commission, once progress has begun, you cannot request a refund.

  • It is at my discretion to blacklist you from future business if I feel the cancellation was in poor taste based on how much time you give me in advanced, to no notice at all, avoiding emails/messages, or giving poor excuses as to why you have to cancel, etc.

  • Refunds are not available once I have begun the final stage of your commission.

Turnaround Time

  • The time it takes to complete your commission is determined by my schedule, workload, our communication, and complexity of your commission.

  • Each commission experience is unique and I offer an estimated turnaround time. You are free to inquire about the status of your commission via email or over stream if I am not streaming art.

  • I generally work on commissions in the order in which they were paid. However please understand I am not always only working on your commission. I may alternate between slots as needed to keep projects fresh and not get burnt out, or work on personal projects in between working on your commission.

  • How quickly you, the commissioner, and I communicate with one another is also a very important factor in how quickly I start and finish work for you. You may have already paid me, or be first in my slots, but if you take a long time to get back to my emails, then I will move on to the next person. You will not lose your spot.

Design Work and Usage

  • Unless otherwise stated, all commissions are for personal/private use only. I retain all copyright of the image, you retain your copyright to all elements within the illustration that you've created, such as character of the art piece..

  • You may make personal prints, but may not make any for your own profit which includes selling prints and/or merchandizing of the commission unless otherwise discussed.. You can use the artwork as promotional material, such as channel art, if discussed and agreed upon.

  • All images will be watermarked until it is completed. My signature will be attached to the final image.

  • I retain the right to recycle unused poses or ideas from your commission in future projects. Unless a pose or concept is especially unique it is possible that similar ideas may be used multiple times within other projects and commissions. I cannot give exclusive right to any on individual for a very popular concept, pose, or scene.

  • Unless requested otherwise (Holiday, birthday, or special occasion), I will almost always stream the creation process and post your commission in one or all of my online galleries at my discretion. This also includes posting WIPs of said commission.


  • Always provide clear consistent visual references whether it's your character or a character from a movie/game/book/etc. This includes all clothing, accessory, and background elements if applicable. If it is a tattoo, references for all elements of the design should be supplied.

  • More complex characters/items/designs will increase prices.

  • If you fail to provide proper, organized references, I have the right to decline. If you require I do specific research for you, and I accept, I may charge a small fee.

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