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This page is for private/personal commissions. If you want to request art for commercial purposes, please go to the Commercial Commission page.

Before you order, please make sure to have read my Terms of Service


All prices below are base prices. Things that might increase the price are complex character designs, number of characters, not being able to provide a good visual reference, complex backgrounds and amount of detail in the image in general.


Digital Drawing

Art done on digital canvas with simple background

Flat Color

  • Bust    $40

  • Upper Torso $50

  • Full body $65


  • Bust    $60

  • Upper Torso $70

  • Full body $90


Character Creation

Concept Design

  • Single character, single pose $90.

  • +$20 per pose

Reference Page - featured image

  • Single Character, single pose - $170

  • +$40 per pose

Cameron_the_corgi commission.png

YCH style Containers

Option currently available: Soda, Tea Cup, Round Potion

  • Flat Color     $50

  •  Shaded        $80


The following are examples of items that can be added to the container, either inside or beside

  • Liquid, bubbles, steam, or smoke

  • Cork, ribbons, or cookies

  • Leaves, flowers, or succulents

  • Chibi  

Black & White available upon request


Classic Chibis

  • Line art  $40

  • Flat Color $60

  • Color with Shading $90


Tier 2 Subscription to my Twitch channel comes with a Single Chibi



Ranges from Simple gifs to Animated Shorts


  • Simple:  i.e. hand wave  - $100

  • Complex:  the above animation - $450


Shorts - will be either an .mov or .mp4 , no more than 2 minutes

Contact for pricing

Tier 3 Subscription to my Twitch channel comes with a Simple gif



112 x 112 icons for Twitch and Discord. Price includes 56 and 28 required by Twitch.

For Simple emotes like the example image that involve simple shapes.

  • 1  emote  $15

  • 3 emotes  $35

For complex emotes, such as those that contain humanoid faces.

  • 1 emote $20

  • 3 emotes  $50


Crochet items

Contact for details and pricing



Digital drawings with complicated backgrounds

Single Character

  • Bust    $90

  • Upper Torso    $130

  • Full Body    $170

Multiple Characters

  • Bust    +$40 per extra character

  • Upper Torso    +$70 per extra character

  • Full Body       +$100 per extra character


  • Comic   $170/panel

  • Manga  $200/panel



Can be used for reactions. Digital only. 

Black & White

  • Basic - 4 for $40

  • Additional emotion +$5

Flat Color

  • Basic - 4 for $50

  • Additional Emotion   +$10


  • Basic - 4 for $70

  • Additional Emotion +$15

Basic emotions are: Joy, Sorrow, Neutral, Anger


Cylbie chibis

  • Line art  $25

  • Flat Color  $30

  • Shading  $50


SubscribeStar Subscription comes with a Cylbie.



Base Price is $60


Twitch Art

Created with use on Twitch in mind.


The 'Streamed for a While' package is $117, and includes an Offline Screen, Starting Soon Screen, Be Right Back, End Stream, and Webcam Filter & Webcam Boarder, all made of simple shapes and colors.


Contact for details and pricing for art assets, excluding emotes and badges



72x72 icons for Twitch. Price includes 36 and 18 required by Twitch. Loyalty badges, Bit Badges, and additional badges that Twitch adds. 

  • 1 simple badge  $15

  • 3 simple badges  $35

For complex badges, such as those in the upper row.

  • 1 badge $20

  • 3 badges $50

Current Commissions and Openings

As of May 11, 2024

Commission Status: ..Closed..

  • 20% Sale during February on Romance Themed Commissions

  • 20% Sale during May on Mom and/or Dad Themed Commissions

  • 20% Sale during July on Patriotic Themed Commissions

  • 20% Sale during September on Spooky and/or Christmas Themed Commissions

Commission finished in 2024:

  • Nat - Classic Chibis- Digital - $120 - PAID

Commissions started:

  • Spok - Doggy in a Dogi - Plush - $70 - PAID 

  • Mr.Mase - Cas Memorial - Bust, digital drawing - $100 - PAID

Waiting on Details from Commissioner or Approval from Artist:

  • ....

Commission Slots, 1 per order:

  • ....

Waitlist, 1 per order:

  • Spok - Poke Camp Illustration - Digital - $620 - On Hold

  •  Halo Engineer - Plush - $201 - On Hold

  • Krullness - Digital Drawing - $400

  • Mr.Mase - Multiple Pose, digital - $3040

  • Janie - Full Body digital drawing, OC - Waiting for more details

  • Waitlist is Open

Up to 2 discounts can be combined for additional savings, i.e. a pair 25% coupons would equal to a single 43% off coupon.

Coupons may be given away as a prize for certain levels of donations during charity events hosted by Unoraptormon on her Twitch channel.

Subject and Themes

What I will Draw

  • Aliens

  • Animals - real & fictional

  • Organic Humanoids

  • Tasteful Nudity

  • Romance

  • OCs

What I will not draw:

  • Certain Fetishes (Inflation/Scat/Etc)

  • Intercourse

  • Pedophilia

  • Politicians 

  • Rape/Non-consensual

  • Zombies


What I will sometimes draw:

  • Armored Characters

  • Humans

  • Refence-less Characters

  • Weapons & Vehicles

  • Gore

  • Full Backgrounds

Options and Base Prices

Coming Soon

  • Soda Pup, Tea Cat, & other custom Food Fauna

  • Handbound Sketchbooks

Payment Information

I accept payments through the following:

  • Paypal in USD 

  • Donations through Streamlabs

  • Ko-fi

  • SubscribeStar

  • Patreon

Do not send your Payment before your commission has been accepted.


Due to uncertainty, litigation, and bad faith on the part of the processor, Paypal may be removed as a payment option. Alternatives are being sought at this time.

Commission Request

If you would like to commission me, please check the commissions section at the top for openings before filling out the form below.

Please include your preferred method of contact, such as email or Discord IM.


Email Address*

Commission Type*

Method of Contact*



If you know exactly what you want, go ahead and fill out the form above. If you haven't made a commission before or feel a bit overwhelmed with the choices available, copy the following template, paste it into the Message section, and fill it out.


  • Type of Commission: [For example, if you select Digital Art, put the type you want, such as Digital Art - color]

  • Method of Payment: [ Paypal/Direct Deposit/Artistree]

  • Method of Contact: [Email/Discord/Twitch/DeviantArt]

  • How many Characters?

  • Any specific wishes for the final drawing? [ For Example, no line art in the final drawing]

  • Background? [If none, just type 'no'. If yes, please describe the background, such as 'a blue forest' or 'green seaside off of Destin']

  • Character(s) Info: [ if requesting for multiple characters, fill this out for each character]

  • Character name:

  • Character personality/description: [For example, bubbly and awkward green-eyed, blonde afro, purple skin woman. Links and references prefered.  ]

  • Is the character best portrayed more realistically or cartoony? 

  • Anything else I should know about the character? [For example, the woman has a possessed shadow that follows her]


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