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Art, Animation, Books, and Comics
of the Uno-verse's Creator

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Welcome to the official website of 
JHH Spears aka Unoraptormon

As of March 20, 2021, has moved here! This site will feature the creations of J.H.H Spears,  such as her upcoming book series, in addition to comics, animations and illustrations.

J.H.H. Spears is a Panamanian Cherokee, Sci-fi/Fantasy & Horror Author, Freelance Artist & Animator, Podcaster and Variety Streamer, who lives in Alabama with her husband and two cats. For more information on the creator, check out the 'About ' page.

For information on Commissions, check out 'Commission Details'.

J.H.H. Spears is always working on something. Check out Beta Reading for more information on her literary projects.

The calendar lists off upcoming events, including commission closures and Twitch streams.

There is now a podcast, Unoraptormon Uncensored ! There is also a separate website, run by those involved with the podcast.

The site is now hosting another artist, Tea Leaf.

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Featured Artwork

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